Nominate Coffees for Monthly Articles

If you would like to nominate a coffee or roaster for possible inclusion in an upcoming article, please complete the form below and click the ‘Nominate’ button at the bottom of the page. Readers are encouraged to nominate their favorite coffees or roasting companies, and roasters (and farmers who roast and sell their coffees directly to consumers) are encouraged to nominate their own coffees. Nominations from any part of the world are welcome. Click on “View … Cupping Calendar” below to see a list of upcoming articles for which we will source coffees.


There is no charge for nominating coffees or for reviews published in articles. However, keep in mind that Coffee Review publishes reviews for only a small fraction of the nominations received each month. Of the hundreds of coffees typically nominated, Kenneth Davids samples no more than 40 (on a blind basis) before settling on 10 to 15 for which he ultimately writes reviews. Consequently, we cannot supply feedback on coffees that do not appear in published reviews.


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